Mystery Fossil


I found a fossil about 3 feet in the ground in the woods in central florida. It is hard, gray with shades light and dark and consists of perfect geometric squares, hundreds of perfect squares like a grid you can see all the way through it. any clues. I am a teacher and no one here has a clue.

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  • This looks like petrified Palm. Palm has the large tubes running from root to top.
    We find that in Texas. The really nice stuff is often found in creek beds, frosty white outside.
    The center - is butterscotch - A total silicon replacement. Used in artful and jewelry items by
    those into cutting, grinding, polishing 'stones'.
    The species might be wrong - Palm seems to be more random not regular as that. Might still be a palm of unique traits.... Martin

  • Looks artificial. ... Dr. David C.

  • This IS very interesting! It's a piece of a catalytic converter from a car or truck. Cheers, ...James C.

  • Looks like the innards of a catalytic converter. ... Thomas E.

  • Might be a heat item. E.g. pass a gas through it and if the unit is hot, the gas breaks down - e.g. think catalytic converter on a car.
    Maybe just a heat shield. Something ejected from plane, missile or car?

    Is the outside molded or ground - is it out of nature with the inside ?
    Also - a little acid on it might see if it is limestone or is it a glass.
    Can a quantitative analysis of the material be done in the school ?
    Is there complex hydrocarbons present or metals ? What is the base material ?

    The square does maximize surface area and minimize joint material.
    Without more investigation it is impossible to figure.

    With Phil's note, I vote catalytic filter or such. Max surface
    for more contact. But who knows what nature did when Florida was
    under water! Might be a sponge :-) ...Martin

  • Nature abhors a square. I'm sure it's man-made.... Phil P.

  • Looks like the combustion surface in a heater. I have a piece in front of me that I use as a soldering surface.-..John


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