mol·lusk also mol·lusc (mOl'Ysk)

Any of numerous chiefly marine invertebrates of the phylum Mollusca, typically having a soft unsegmented body, a mantle, and a protective calcareous shell and including the edible shellfish and the snails.

[French mollusque, from New Latin Mollusca, phylum name, from neuter pl. of Latin molluscus, thin-shelled, from mollis, soft.]

mol·lus'cous (mY-lms'kYs) adj.





Translations for: Mollusc

Nederlands (Dutch)

Français (French)

Deutsch (German)
n. - Weichtier

•»»·½¹º® (Greek)
n. ¼±»¬º¹¿

Italiano (Italian)

Português (Portuguese)
n. - molusco (m) (Zool.)

 CAA:89 (Russian)

Español (Spanish)
n. - molusco

Svenska (Swedish)
n. - blötdjur

N-Vý‹Ý (Simplified Chinese)
n. - oOSR¨ri

N-W Šq (Traditional Chinese)
n. - ŽßšÔRÕri

eåg,Šž (Japanese)
n. - ŽßOSRÕri

'D91(JG (Arabic)
('D'3E) 1.HJ, -JH'F 1.HJ 

âÑèÙê (Hebrew)
n. - èÛÙÛÔ