Mystery Cypraea

Data: Dear Avril, please help me identify this shell.
It has been collected in the north of Peru, border to Ecuador. size is 28 mm
I don´t know if Cypraea robertsi or Cypraea nigropunctata.
Best regards,
Eduardo Palacios

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  • I believe that you have a C. robertsi. I base this on “A Guide to Worldwide Cowries”

    Characterization of robertsi:Oval-depressed. Base pale. Margins rounded, brownish, spotted.
    Dorsum: Mottled with brown. Teeth well produced and moderately fine.

    Characterization of nigropunctata:
    Elongate with produced extremities. Teeth course and numerous, sharply cut..
    Margins and base finely and densely spotted. Dorsum mottled with brown.

    When I look at the plate (#61) it really does appear to be a robetrsi. C. nigropunctata has a very elongate appearance with a lot more and finer teeth than C. robertsi. The brown and marginal spots go well onto the base of the nigropunctata as well.
    ...Avril B.

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