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Alphabetized pages
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Commercial Sites: Shell,
Fossils, & Shell Art
Images: shell or live molluscs
image intense sites
Aplacophora: Cones: Conidae Medicine &
Art & Art Forms: Crafts: Crafting ideas and
where to purchase shells appropriate to crafting
Auctions: Cowries: Cowry, Cypraeidae Scaphopoda:
Bivalves: Data: Data Bases, Other
Links pages & Search

Software useable for
collectors & malacology:

Books: Books ,Book dealers, Journals,
Periodicals, Magazines, Newsletters and Other
Articles of Interest.
Cones: Conidae Taxonomy &
Books: New Molluscan Books in Publication Crafts: Crafting ideas and
where to purchase shells appropriate to crafting

Laboratories, Aquariums
Institutes and Other Great

Bulletin Board Cowries: Cowry, Cypraeidae
Careers: Ocean-
Related Professional
Data: Data Bases, Other
Links pages & Search
Cephalopods: Fresh Water
Malacological Sites
Fresh Water & Terrestrial Gastropods: by species Pearls:
Fun & Games on
shell sites
Personal and
Home Pages
Gastropoda (Marine): Polyplacophora:
Collecting Shells: & Directory Glossaries: Molluscan Related to but not only
about Molluscs & Directory


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