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Sammy Snail introduces sites most suitable for kids or the young at heart! 

Good for EDUCATOR & STUDENT Resource materials available on this site

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Aquariums, Personal:




Beach Combing Finds:


Bioluminescence and Fluorescence: See below




Calendars, Screen savers and Wallpapers:


Careers: Ocean-Related Professional Careers: This page is provided as a service to those interested in pursuing an Ocean-Related Career and is intended for self-directed learning. Please don't ask me for career advice. I'm not an oceanographer or a marine biologist. I am a retired nurse with a love for molluscs. I cannot provide informed career advice for marine biology and oceanography.


Christmas 2004: Man and Mollusc Greetings/ New Year Greetings


Christmas Cards (Shells) to purchase:


Clip Art / Molluscs on the WWW

Coin Collecting:

Commercial Sales:
Shell Cabinets, Storage Boxes, etc.: Contacts for and sales of:


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Dyes: Obtained from molluscs by man:



Edible Molluscs Articles:

Epicurean Delights:
CAUTION! Be very careful before deciding to use the snails from your own back yard or front yard for your next dinner party. Try to ascertain if anyone has used snail bait for eradication of snails in you neighborhood.
Your neighbor's may be using snail poison. These snails could then migrate to your yard. REMEMBER! Some snails may only contain very small amounts of poison; so small as to not be lethal to the snail-but there may be enough residual poison that if you consumed enough of these snails IT COULD KILL YOU!
If in doubt, Please choose to be snail smart and buy your escargot from a reliable source or collect in known safe areas. These snails are a major pest and many areas use posions; So, BEWARE!

Fake Shells:


Fluorescence and Bioluminescence:

A videotape entitled "Marine Bioluminescence: Secret Lights in the Sea" is available through the gift store of Harbor Branch Oceanographic Inst. It may be purchased via the web or by phone at 1-800-333-4264 x692


Folk Lore & Traditional Medicine:


Gift Wraps, Cards and shell gift ideas:


Interesting Shell Facts:




Jokes, Anecdotes, and Fun Stories:


Labels (mailing) bearing a shell motif:


Live Snail Suppliers:


Malacophagy Among Marine Fish: By Harry G. Lee : Article on molusc eating fish


Miscellaneous Web Sites: This section has been moved to the "NonSpecific Web Page: New Pages and Links That are Interesting but Don't Seem to Fit in any Specific Categorie


Musical Instruments Made from Shells:


News Items of Interest:


Online Story Books, Poetry, Limmericks, Stories and Such:




Pest Control:


Pest control for your shell collection:


Pets: From pest control to "Yes snails can be pets":



Pictures for Free!


Pictures of Interest:


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Primitive Art Forms:


Raising your own snails:Heliciculture:


Screen Savers, Wall papers, Calendars etc.:


SCUBA Adventures:


Sea Shell Theme Ideas:


Shell Ornaments:


Shell Oil: The Story


Snail Gifts:


Snail Stories online:


Snail video project: by Chris Elliott


Stamp Collecting: 




Tide Charts and Predictors:


Translations of Shell Names:


Tribal Art and Antiquities: This is a commercial page; but I found it quite interesting.
David Liebl, Acworth, Georgia 30101, USA Email:


Vacations: Shelling trips:


Vacations: Armchair Vacation Travel Stories:


Video Clips:


Web Cams of Interest:

Web Imaging Tutorial by Olivier Caro: A great new site and tutorial


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