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Molluscan Clipart from the WWW

These pieces of clipart were all found on the internet. I tried to use only those I found that were not copyrighted.

There are a few that you require permission to use or that I have used a specific clip art and have linked to the owner's site.

If the clipart has a copyright but the artist is advertising for business, it may appear in this section! Please be honest and do not use it without permission!

Many of the cliparts and gifs on these pages have been seen on so many web sites, that it is impossible to know who was the originator. If you recognize any of these unknownn, PLEASE let me know.

If you see an item that definitely is copyrighted or you own it and do not wish it to be on these pages, please let me know, PLEASE let me know and it will be immediately removed.

Contact: Avril

This is Man and Molluscs own Sammy Snail. He is used to point out all things suitable for a child's viewing on this site. If you really have to use him, please be courteous and link back to Man and Molluscs at:
Owner or artist unknown

Please see terms for free use on the actual page
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