Mystery Fossil

Data: I found this wonderful shell fossil in my back garden (under a fig tree). It is probably as common as muck? but its rether large and complete and very nice.

I dug up this fossil u[ last month, not from its original layer of soil I assume because it was in the top 30cm of top soil in my back garden in Rugby Warwickshire (only 10 miles from the most centrally inland point in UK.

any ideas?



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  • has a bit on the local geology; more could be found with further searching. Glaciation of the area means that there's a slight chance of almost anything turning up as a bit of rock hauled in by a glacier. However, much of the area is underlain by Jurassic rocks, and the specimen looks like Hippopodium, a Jurassic-Cretaceous bivalve of somewhat uncertain higher affinities (probably modiomorphoidean, which may relate to the carditids and crassatellids)...Dr. David C.

  • There is a photo from "Georgia" called "Mystery Fossil." I will attach that one and a Giant Atlantic Cockle. See what you think. If my two had been turned differently, I think that they would match....Jo

  • bivalve in Veneroida, Probably Veneridae ...Andrew G.



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