Mystery Terrestrial Snail

Data: Today, while I was outside washing the car, I found a very large snail that had gotten trapped in a drain cover at the edge of our concrete patio. I have never found such a large snail and I brought him inside. I was thinking he might be dehydrated and hungry after being trapped in there for, who knows how long. After sitting in a can with some moist dirt and some lettuce he came out to greet us.

Is there any way of knowing what kind of snail he is? I don't know if he's local, although I assume he probably is. Although, with invasive species being what they are these days, you never know. Do you have any idea what kind of snail this is, if he is native to Oregon, and if we could keep him for a while? If it's ok to keep him for a while, do you have suggestions on how to set up a proper terrarium to keep him happy?

Thanks so much,

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Identified: Helix (Cornu) aspersa, common European landsnail ...Andrew G.



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