Mystery Bivalve

Data: This very worn specimen (with an unrecognizable hinge region) was collected on the beach of Roccas de Santo Domingo just southwest of Santiago de Chile. It reminds me of pictures of a Senilia (Arcidae), which it cannot be. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance,

W. Juergen Schrenk
WJS NatureWorks

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Identified: Concholepas concholepas (Bruguière, 1792)



  • This is not a bivalve. This is the Muricid snail Concholepas concholepas (Bruguière, 1792) : See Muricidae - Concholepas concholepas  Regards, ... Peter E.

  • I don't believe this is a bivalve. I wish I could see the other side, but I believe ity is a Murecid gastropod in the genus Concholepas. ... Paul M.


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