Mystery Shell

Data: Here's a shell collected 12/08 at Shell Beach, CA. Saw another smaller one on the beach, but left it there.

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Identified: Penitella penita (Conrad, 1837)



  • Might this be a Teredo navalis (L., 1758 ) the shipworm ... AvrilB - Wrong again

  • This one is a Piddock. Maybe Penitella penta....Russ W.

  • I agree with Russ that the mystery shell 2009 #2 is Penitella penita (Conrad, 1837). There is some possibility it might be a closely related Penita species but the flat tip is the most significant reason for my identification. See a photo of this species collected in Washington State at the Pacific Northwest Shell Club Website. ..Bert B.

  • The second mystery shell is Conrad's Piddock Penitella conradi Valenciennes, 1846
    Best regards, ...Henk K. Mienis (Common name: abalone piddock)

  • your image appears to a piddock, most likely P. penitella.... Rick H.

  • Folks seem to think it's a boring clam, Penitella Penita or Common Piddock. ...Kendra

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