Data: Any idea what these fossils are? Got them on a trek in the Himalayas in Nepal several years ago.


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  • The images shown in Mystery Shells No. 18, 'Himalayas in Nepal' by Mr. Richard are the columella of the present day living species Turbinella pyrum L. popularly known as 'Indian Sacred Conch'. There are many varieties in the species Turbinella purum L. from different localities. The Columella is screw type and shows presence of total four plaits. In the present pictures, columella shows three major plaits however, the fourth plait is little thin and slanting in nature. Columella of this type is a typical character of the present day ecotype of Turbinella pyrum L. from Rameshwaram region near 'Adam's Bridge' between India and Sri Lanka
    I am from the Pune city of India.
    Thanking you and with best wishes, ...Chandrashekhar .

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