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My family and I have recently moved into a home in Atlanta, Georgia where we have run across some interesting snails. My wife joked around about escargot so I decided to look into whether the snails were edible. I am having a hard time finding forums to post pictures or even identification resources for that matter. I have attached a photo of the snails I have recently found. Please let me know if someone could Identify them or if some other photographs are needed. Thank you. Rob

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  • A view of the underside of the shell and the opening with the animal retracted into the shell would help identify these land snails.... Dr. David C.

  • Landshells are notoriuosly conservative, and apertural views with the animals fully retracted (or better, a dead specimen) are needed for hope of ID. having said that, I'd say that any snail is edible if well-cooked. ... Andrew G

  • Mesodon thyroides Say,1816, due to its diameter (ca 24 cm), not elevated shell with pointed spire and thick white reflected lip. They are common snails in eastern snails but i dont know anything about palatability. ... Ümit K.

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