Mystery Fossil

Data: Greetings from Palawan, the last frontier of the Philippines. I am a shell enthusiast and been collecting shells where ever I go. In some of my collections I have a fossil shell though it seems not very old and I am interested in identifying it.

Any help would be appreciated

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Identified: Cyclophorus aurantiacus or Cyclophorus malayanus.



  • It appears to be a Cyclophorus sp. (terrestrial prosobranch) covered in travertine or some other similar compound.....perhap collected from a former or current creek or riverbed.....K.

  • Agree, Cyclophorus aurantiacus or Cyclophorus malayanus.

  • the shell labelled "janthina, janthinga" in the background is also a land snail, by the way.
    Peter E.

  • You have both land and marine shells. For example the shell marked Janthina is a land shell, not Janthina. The mystery shell is also a land shell. It probably was in a creek bed or warm spring where calcium carbonate precipitated on it. It is not likely a fossil, however.

  • Cyclophoridae with carbonate encrustation. Note Shel with Janthina janthina tag is a landsnail... Andrew G

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