Mystery Fossil

Data: I hope you can help. It was found on the beach here in ST. Pete, FL last year and is porous like lava rock, sponge or bone and not heavy like metal. That's about it. if you have further questions don't hesitate to Email. Thanks, Shawn

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  • This looks like a stone used to polish objects by rubbing them against the stone while holding it in your hand. Rubbing it will cause the grooves in it. Maybe someone will recognize what exactly was polished. ... Allen A.

  • Shawn's specimen form the beach at St. Pete could easily be from almost anywhere due to human activity and the harbor-I've seen a Babylonia with hermit crab in the bay. If it really is local, it probably is worn-down fossil bone, based on the color and texture. ... Dr. David C.

  • Could it be a sinker for a fishing net or line fashioned out of a piece of limestone? ... Alan K.

  • I tried to email Shawn, but got a bounce back. The “Fossil” listed on April 13, 2008 by Shawn is not a fossil but appears to be either an arrow straightener, a bolo weight, or a fining net weight. I have seen similar object recovered in Texas. It would be difficult to age this but it is probably paleo Amerindian. ... Ron S.

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