Mystery Egg Capsules


while trying to find which gastropod produces this kind of egg capsules, I end up founding your webpage.
Do you know which animal lays this egg capsules?

Thank you, Alexandra


these are marine animals for sure. They are very abundant on seagrass leaves, in coastal lagoons of southern Portugal.
They are shaped like an arrow, transparent and it is very easy to see the eggs inside "nacked-eye". The seagrass leaves in the photo are 4mm wide, so they are a bit smaller.
I wish I could have a better photo. I will try.
Thanks, Alexandra

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  • I saw your question on the Man and Mollusc website. I am no expert, but your eggs look a lot like the eggs of Nassarius reticulatus, the netted dog whelk in English. This nassa lays its eggs on zostera sea-grass, which is apparently what yours are on. They are pictured in a book I have, Sea Shells of Western Europe, by Ph. Bouchot et al., which is a translation from the original French edition, Coquillages des Cotes Atlantiques et de la Manche (1979). It is an excellent little book. I have scanned the relevant pages, and also made a better scan of the photo in question for you. Nassarius reticulatus is extremely common in northern Europe and I would assume it is in Portugal as well but you would have to check that. Your eggs might also be from a related species of nassa.
    Good hunting! ... Anne-Marie


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