3 Mysteries

Data: I have a couple of beasties I wouldn't mind putting on your mystery pages...

Given its punctate sculpture, the Voutomitra may actually be a coldwater mitrid. In which case the operculum supplied is a red herring. Length is about 30mm, data NW Taiwan ~300m depth.

Hydrobiidae is an Oligocene NZ fossil about 4mm length, probably not a hydrobiid but probably in Rissooidea. Some specimens show a distinct opercular ledge within the outer lip. There is a tendency for the aperture to become detached, as can be seen in the image.

Latirus is probably an Egestas (Turbinellidae: Ptychatractinae), also Oligocene NZ, length about 6mm.

Generic placements are what I need for the fossils; genus/species for the "Volutomitra".

Andrew Grebneff
New Zealand
Fossil preparator


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Hydrobiidae nsp A Waimumu S

Latirus Waimumu S

Volutomitra sp NW Taiwan S





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