Mystery ???

Data: I am trying to identify the shell found on my beach. It is unlike any I've seen before (i.e., it is much thicker and larger). We live in the Pacific Northwest (Puget Sound area in the State of Washington).

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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  • Possibly a broken very mature and large Lewis's Moon Snail (Polinices lewisii)??? ...Avril B.

  • Doesn't look like anything I recognize from our coast...looks too thick-shelled. If it was in my hand I could probably say. My first thought was that it was the columella of a large cone snail or Strombus...just my first instinct...but nothing from our coast. ...Peter E.

  • I would also vote for Strombus, possibly the Queen conch which is widely distributed in the gardens of people who visited the Caribbean on vacation. ...Allen A.




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