Mystery Terrestrial

Data: Searching like crazy on the internet I have found your site.
I am a naturalist - Botany and Mycology for the most part and I write popular articles for the Anglophone French press.
One of my readers has sent me two snails. The identification defeats me. The best guide I have is Kerney and Cameron's book A field Guide to Land Snails of Britain and NW Europe. The book covers France.
I cannot find this snail in the book. I've given up.

The shell is 16mm wide at the widest. The umbilicus is wide. The keel is very sharp. Nothing seems to fit. The very sharp keel all round is remarkable
The location of the find is Cajarc in the département du Lot. South Central France.
If you can direct me in a useful direction I would be most grateful.


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Identified: Helicigona lapicida



  • French snail is Helicigona lapicida... Geoff M.


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