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Data: Hi Avril,

My friend, that had the left handed Cornu aspersa, just came back from Sicily, where he had found these unidentifiable landsnail shells. As the Sicilian Government wouldn't let him bring out live snails, he had to only bring these back. Can you put them on your "Mystery Landsnail" page for his identification. All shells were found in gardens of ancient greek & Roman ruins in Salento, Above Palermo, Sicily in an area of volcanic ruins in September 2006. Sizes are below for each photo. If you get answers or suggestions of Identifications, please have them reply to me at

Thank you for your never-ending help.
Dan Yoshimoto

Send Ideas or positive identifications to: Dan

1. 26mm

2 . 26mm

3. 18mm

4. 18mm

5. 18mm

6. 37mm

7. 37mm


1. & 2. Helix aperta

3. & 4. & 6 Theba pisania

5. & 7 Eobania vermiculata



  • 1, 2) Helix aperta
    3, 4 , 6) Theba pisania
    5,7) Eobania vermiculata
    all very common land snails in Sicilia
    Best regards...Wolfgang F.

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