Mystery Fossil


I found this shell as a kid 25-30 years ago either in Michigan or on a vacation to Florida. Any Ideas?

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  • I'm positive this is a devonian brachiopod from michigan. probably collected in the alpena/petosky/traverse city area. I'm also relatively positive that it is a spirifirid brachiopod, which rules out florida because none of this group persisted past the end of the paleozoic. The Devonian is not my thing, per se, but you can find references by Kesling (published at UofM in the 1960's) about Michigan fossils from the Devonian that will help you ID. Also the faunas of Iowa and NY were very similar during the mid-Devonian and much work as been done there as well (look specifically for Carl Brett or Gordon Baird's works in NY). Good luck. ...Chad F.

  • The fossil is a spiriferid brachiopod, most likely from the Paleozoic (Devonian?) of Michigan.
    ...Allen A.

  • It is a brachiopod, not a mollusk. Definitely not from Florida. ...dick p.


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