Mystery Fossil


I found this fossil in katahdin ironworks on big spruce mountain , up past high bridge towards greenwood brook . It has 10 noticeable openings and there is about 17 holes that go as far as you can see with a flashlight.

The stone about 4 inches by 5 inches fits in the palm of my hand. We find lots of shell fossils but this one gets me thank you for your help laurie grinnell

Milo, Maine


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  • This weird fossil may be an ichnofossil-the feeding pattern of a "worm", a colonial coral-like animal or least likely, a plant fragment like bark....Allen A.

  • May be a piece of a pinnate crinoid arm. It looks like a main stem with several branches coming off of it. Doesn't look quite right for a trilobite mold.

  • Crinoid fragment ...Andrew G.




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