Mystery Fossil


These fossils came from Texas. Can you please help me id. them!
thanks, terri carroll,ohio

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  • These look like molds of shells. That is, if you poured plaster of paris into the shell, let it set, then broke away the shell, this is what you would get. Fossils form when the shell dies and falls to the bottom. As sediment covers them, and in this case, fills them, over time it becomes lithified (turns to stone). The age of what you have is hard to dictate without other marker fossils that would indicate an exact age. Hope this helps. ...Jack D.

  • These are fragments of ammonite shells with limestone filling. Ammonites are extinct cephalopods, similar to the living Pearly Nautilus. These are probably from the Cretaceous, or Late dinosaur age. ...Allen A.

  • Not having a fossil book infront of me this set are apparently pieces of ammonites ...SD

  • These are pieces of internal molds of various ammonites, probably Cretacoues as there are extensive Cretaceous beds in Texas with similar ammonites.... Dr. David C.


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