Mollusc Mysteries

Data: Willem has asked help in identifying these shells. He is not a Conch-L member and would like me to accept and forward all replies.

5 & 6 May be corals from Australia. They all were recieved as a holiday box from a shop

Send Ideas or positive identifications to: Avril




1. chionine venerids
     veneridae clams

2. chionine venerids
     veneridae clams

3. chionine venerids
     veneridae clams

4. chionine venerids

5. chionine venerids
      Mushroom coral well worn down




  • 1,2 & 3 I believe are veneridae clams but which I can not tell. 4 will be a limpet of some sorts...Avril

  • #4 is not a mollusk, but I'm not sure what it is.... Peggy W.

  • I think the bryozoan (4-5) is Lunulites.

  • The bivalves (1-3) are chionine venerids, 1 and 2 rather worn and 3 relatively pristine. Peter Roopnarie has recently split up the genus Chione; tracking down his publication swould help with identification.
       On number 6, it's not clear if there is any fine structure or not. Since I can't see any evidence of bryozoan zooids or cnidarian polyps, I suspect it's algae. ...Dr. David C

  • Probably a bryozoan colony. ...Andrew G.


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