Data: I am not sure, is this Arene (Marevalvata) riisei (Rehder,1943)
It was collected from Lesser Antilles, 7 mm.
Deane Z.

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  • I believe that you may have a Leptothyra verruca (Gould, 1845). See my Ni'ihau jewellery page at to compare it with...Avril B.

  • The specimens can't be a Trochid, but a Arene. >Because this shell without the shape aperture, but with a thickended round >and smooth aperture, the second, it's come from Caribbean, not the Pacific,
    the third, it's size range almost 5.5 mm to 7 mm....Deane

  • Arene (Marevalvata) riisei (Rehder,1943)...Marien

  • Arene sp ... Andrew G.

  • Arene (Marevalvata) riisei (Rehder,1943)


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