(by Andrew Aplacophora)

Hello my name is Andrew, and I m here to tell you about my Class, the Aplacophoras. I am very small, only about 1 millimeter to 30 millimeters (about 1 inch) long, mollusc and I am considered by the scientists who study me to be a and very ancient mollusc in body structure. Some of these scientists actually divide my class into two very small subclasses, that of the Caudofoveata and that of the Solenogastres.

I live way down in the oceans deepest waters and lay buried in the muddy sediments found there. I do not have a shell and many people think that I look more like an earthworm than I do my other mollusc cousins.

Because of where I live (man is really just beginning to study the world s deep ocean trenches), scientists have not had much of a chance to study my relatives or me. Not a whole lot of information is known about us or how we live. Maybe someday you could become a scientist and be the one to find out all about us and tell the world how we live. Why, you might even discover one of my unknown family members and name him after yourself. That would be so cool!

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