Personal Thanks

I would like to personally thank the following members of the CONCH-L List for their invaluable input of information and help in compiling this paper:

Paul Monfils, USA.  Thank you for providing so many beautiful pictures of shells for this article.

Lynn Scheu, USA, for her most generous gift of time and skill in proofreading.
Ross Mayhew, Canada, was a great help in the development of this paper. His ideas, support, and encouragement were most useful! 

Dan & Hiromi Yoshimoto, USA: Some wonderful input, including a whole raft of spelling mistakes!!

Bruce Livett, Australia (Cone toxins Researcher) 

Barbara Haviland, USA (she and her husband Frank are experts in the Scallop family (Pectinidae)

Amy Edwards, USA 

Kate Clark, Ecuador
Moshe Erlendor, Israel / Iceland 

Vicky Wall, USA 

Cadee M.C., Netherlands 

Lucia Gutierrez, Hawaii, USA

Patrick Draeger, USA 

Emilio Lopez Hernandez, Venezuela 

Michael Reagin, USA